Author Topic: Starbucks Canada using a starbucks gift card - not the Bell/ Rogers Hotspot  (Read 6200 times)


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It is possible to get support for the "giftcard" function at Starbucks Canada?  This is a subscreen of the main Bell/ Rogers Hotspot Login screen.  I have screenshots and I think the underlying code available if you need it.

For example, when I try to login at a Starbucks in Canada, I get a login screen that asks for my Bell or Rogers account info.  However, at this point, I can click a link for Starbucks Canada gift cards and then input any Starbucks Canada giftcard number and PIN from the giftcard and then I will be logged in to the hotspot for two hours. 

I know this subject was brought up before however I was not able to locate the topic.  If you need more information, I can email it you.  Otherwise, your service has been great. 


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Hello Darian,

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to log people in on Bell hotspots using anything other than Boingo credentials at the moment.  In fact, we recently made the decision to stop supporting Bell for native users.

We made numerous calls and sent many emails to both Bell and Boldstreet, the company that runs their network for them, but they were unhelpful helping us fix their service.

All I can suggest for now is that you send them (and perhaps Starbucks too) emails asking them to support smart clients. 

Sorry about that,
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